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You guys often get irritated with your phone hang problems then this article is for you. Most of the people have the same problem none other than “Hanging mobile” within 6 to 8 month of purchase. This problem mainly in those entry-level smartphones or budget smartphones which have less ram <2 GB or low internal storage. Most of the smartphones brands like Samsung, Micromax, Lenovo, Nokia, Vivo etc have very much affected with that.

In this trick, we will show you how you can manage your smartphone to perform last long. Read this article completely, there are few basic tricks and some PRO! Tricks to solve phone hanging problems at the end so don’t miss out them.

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First, you need to know why your Phone Hang:-

Few reasons behind your phone hang are:-
  1. Less RAM and Less internal storage.
  2. Multitasking beyond phone limit.
  3. Installing lots of unwanted and heavy apps on your phone.
  4. Using too many social media apps on your phone (like Facebook, Instagram, youtube etc).
  5. Filling up of Internal storage with junk files or cache files.

Ways to Solve Phone Hanging Problems:-

1. Free up your RAM

Check your Phone’s RAM, because most of the Smartphones Hangs up due to not enough storage left in RAM.

What to do –

  • Avoid downloading heavy apps and unnecessary apps.
  • If your smartphone is running on low memory then close all the background app before using any app.

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2Close apps using Task Manager:-

There are some apps which are always running on background even you close them, which consumes lots of RAM.

How to close them – *Note- before the Android version Marshmallow, there was a straight option in sittings – apps – “Running services” option in the top right corner, from where you can close your background running app. But now in Marshmallow and beyond versions this option is hidden. Now you will find this option in developer option bar in sittings.

Phone Hang Problems

Developer option is hidden, first, you need to open it by –

  • Go to your phone Settings and tap on About Phone.
  • Find the Build Number and tap on it 6 to 7 times to enable Developer Options.
  • Now go back to settings enter Developer Options and find USB Debugging, and Enable it.
  • Now find an option of Running services in it and close unnecessary apps.

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3. Avoid multitasking:-


Avoid running multiple apps at the same time, especially when you are using heavy apps and surfing the web.

Yet to come 5 PRO! tips to solve phone hang problems down the article.

4. Free up internal memory:-

storage full phone hang

Make a habit of putting music, videos, photos and other documents in external storage or SD card. Always try to keep internal storage free as possible.

5. Avoid live wallpapers:-

Do not put live wallpapers or animated wallpapers on mobile. Always try to keep simple wallpaper. If you are using custom wallpaper then make sure it is of light weight ( I mean its size must not be grater).

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6. Software update:-

Sometimes when your firmware software gets obsolete it starts affecting the process of the CPU. So to avoid the software bug you need to update your firmware from time to time.

It can be checked in Phone’s settings – About – check for update.

Now apart from these basic tips Now its time for the PRO! Tips that are really going to work with your phone hang problems:-

First, understand the fact that Data never get deleted it just made a compress and hidden by the operating system when we delete it and overlapped by the new data.

Thus it makes no use of deleting your junk files of cache files in your phone because after some time it is going to affect your phone’s memory. So what to do to fix this kind of problem –

1. Don’t Install Unnecessary apps:-

phone hang unnecessary apps

Some people have the habit of trying every app in the App store and then uninstall it. Installing the app left its data on the phone memory even after it is uninstalled. There is no method of accessing that data. Thus it eats up your phone memory slowly.

2. Don’t Delete any of your data on your phone memory:-

phone hang delete files

As I said earlier data never gets deleted, so it does not make any sense of deleting in internal storage.

What to do:- To solve this problem I recommend you to move your data (which you want to delete) to external storage or SD card and then delete it. Because you can replace SD card after some time but not your internal storage.

3. Never use apps like Phone Booster, Phone Cleaner etc apps to clear your phone:-

I personally recommend you not to use these apps because these apps delete the data which never deletes. They are just making a fool of you. After a few weeks or a month of using these apps, you will notice that your phone hangs even much.

4. Don’t use many social media apps on your phone:-

social media phone hang

I am telling you to avoid social media apps like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, whats app etc. on your phone because these apps produce lots of cache memory which you never notice. Let us take an example:- You somehow noticed that you have no data stored in your internal storage but still the internal memory shows full. Why?

Yes, this is because of the cache memory stored by most of the apps which are not visible to users. Believe me, after using the Instagram app alone for 2 months, it can store up to 2 GB of cache memory on your phone. Similarly other apps too.

So where to find these apps cache memory:-

clear cache phone hang

Go to File Manager –> Then

Internal Storage –> Then

find “Android”  folder –> Then

Data –> Then

find your target folder. Eg.- you are searching for YouTube, the folder name will be like this “com.google.android.youtube”, click it –> then

Cache –> then Exo.

Here you find your target cache memory. What to do with that, as I already told you that do not delete it on the phone memory, instead move it to other external storage and then delete it.

Sometimes you do not find Cache memory in that folder, don’t worry just restart your phone and find again.

Best of luck with your super fast phone, I hope after these amazing tricks you will not face any phone hanging problems in future.

Feel free to share your problem with us. If you like this article comment below and please share this article directly from our social media button.

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